Ze-Road, Boss! & The Scuttletruck

On September 6, Gary Balduc brought a side-blade and grader to the head of the lane and completed the 450 yards of SBL’s gravel lane. To ensure the longevity of this repair, a dozen or so rig-mats were added beneath the gravel to create a solid foundation that will no-doubt have us with a passable lane for the foreseeable future. Although the repair wasn’t cheap, it ensures that any visitors that may want to join us at The Lodge can do so without worry of transportation. Unfortunately, however, that also means we’ll probably see more of Ferg.

Drivable without 4x4

Drivable without 4×4


Proving to be a big day for the balance sheet of The Lodge, The Official Scuttletruck was purchased as well on September 6th. Shiny white, with very little rust, The Scuttletruck will rest permanently at the Lodge and serve dual purpose as water truck and decoy hauler. Photos will have to come later as it’s being fashioned with flood lights, new breaks and decals. The anticipation is almost too much!

Opening Day #36 (2016)

Opening Day 2016

They say “no man is an island”; however, I can assure you, a Lodge can be.

The water has not receded much since 2015, in fact you could even argue the “sea level” has risen over the winter and spring in Southwestern Manitoba. Nonetheless, September Long Weekend is still coveted as the beginning of our annual goose harvest – truly, come hell or (literal) high water.

Bubba Carey and dad made their way down to SBL to see if they couldn’t scare up a few dots for the chart. With only 37 harvests required to reach number 4,000 in SBL’s history, it is a case of “when” and not “if” we reach the next big number in our record books.

With a slight torrential rain forecasted, the two guys were only able to hunt the one morning but were able to post 2 white dots on the chart, setting things up for a perfectly mid-September run at 4,000.

I will be home on September 16th to hunt with Dad, Bubba, Fake Dr. LePage and John & Matt Donald. If you’re near your phones on that weekend, feel free to give us a call or a FaceTime to be part of the Chase to Number 4,000. The count down has begun, only 8 more sleeps!

2 Honkers, 3 Mallards

2 Honkers, 3 Mallards

2016 Spring Season Upcoming

If there’s one thing that visitors vividly recall about our humblest of abodes, it’s the classic 80s-style black and white message board that dons the top right corner of Scuttlebuck Lodge’s gamerack.

Each year upon the first voyage down in the spring, this sign, equal parts nostalgicĀ and outdated, isĀ given a quick back-of-the-hand wipe to remove the winter’s slumber, and is placed back proudly in its spot to view all comers of our home. There are only two words written there, but they perfectly describe the true nature of the place and its ruggedly hallowed walls; “Welcome Goosehunters”.

His Adjectives Aren’t Used in Church

His adjectives aren’t used in church. That’s how I’d describe Gordon Speers. A through-and-through old-timer, full of as much P&V as he was BS. He wasn’t the biggest fan of onions, and occasionally had a quiet opinion on the cookings of others. And maybe even didn’t feel much affection for our annual scotch tasting, but nonetheless Gord was instrumental in creating the place we recall so dearly.

I felt it only be fitting that I invite one of his longest serving friends to write his place in to Scuttlebuck’s final migration. Click here for John McManes’ writing on Gordon Speers “In Memoriam”.