“Traditions solidify and unite families.”

The Story of Scuttlebuck Lodge is a book thought of, written, and primarily enjoyed, by my father, Bob Johnston. Although his livelihood comes from practicing family law in Southwestern Manitoba, dad’s true passion has always been hunting geese.

In our family hunting begins at a very young age (my first visit to The Lodge was at age 2 – see Guest Registry, 1983). My earliest childhood memories are of my dad telling me bedtime stories involving characters named Ferg, Bono, Hop, and Lefty. Understanding my father better as I got older, I realized that many of the stories were merely “based” on actual events rather than actual events themselves. Regardless of accuracy, the Lore of the Lodge is one that cannot be duplicated, nor altered. The Lodge is simply a place we go to enjoy the subtleties of family and friendship.

– Lars Johnston

“Ours is a pastime fraught with tradition.”