Origin of the Name
{‘Skuht-l-buhk’ ‘lod-j’]

First off, let me assure you,
There is no such word as Scuttlebuck.

Scuttlebutt means gossip or rumor.
Scuttle means scamper or hurry – or sink a ship.

You can pass the buck, buck a trend, buck up and be happy,
Buck the wind, you can make a buck,
Buck a tree into logs, or be a young buck.

Of course you can run buck naked,
Get a horse to buck,
Or you can shoot a buck.
You enlist as a buck private.

But Scuttlebuck was just a word coined by my young brother
To be the name of our hunting lodge and it just stuck.

Now Lodge on the other hand is a word.

You can lodge a complaint,
Receive a guest, or get lodged in the mud.
A beaver can live there,
Or a society can meet there.

But at our lodge,
It’s just a house occupied in the hunting season.

(And maybe partly the other things too.)

4 thoughts on “Origin of the Name

  1. In the Rural Municipality of Deloraine/Winchester (2015 Amalgamation),
    In the SW corner of the Province of Manitoba, Canada,
    You will find Scuttlebuck Lodge.

  2. Bob, I have never been on this web page. I am impressed. Good Job. Funny looking back and all of the pictures.

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