Ze-Road, Boss! & The Scuttletruck

On September 6, Gary Balduc brought a side-blade and grader to the head of the lane and completed the 450 yards of SBL’s gravel lane. To ensure the longevity of this repair, a dozen or so rig-mats were added beneath the gravel to create a solid foundation that will no-doubt have us with a passable lane for the foreseeable future. Although the repair wasn’t cheap, it ensures that any visitors that may want to join us at The Lodge can do so without worry of transportation. Unfortunately, however, that also means we’ll probably see more of Ferg.

Drivable without 4x4

Drivable without 4×4


Proving to be a big day for the balance sheet of The Lodge, The Official Scuttletruck was purchased as well on September 6th. Shiny white, with very little rust, The Scuttletruck will rest permanently at the Lodge and serve dual purpose as water truck and decoy hauler. Photos will have to come later as it’s being fashioned with flood lights, new breaks and decals. The anticipation is almost too much!

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