Opening Day #36 (2016)

Opening Day 2016

They say “no man is an island”; however, I can assure you, a Lodge can be.

The water has not receded much since 2015, in fact you could even argue the “sea level” has risen over the winter and spring in Southwestern Manitoba. Nonetheless, September Long Weekend is still coveted as the beginning of our annual goose harvest – truly, come hell or (literal) high water.

Bubba Carey and dad made their way down to SBL to see if they couldn’t scare up a few dots for the chart. With only 37 harvests required to reach number 4,000 in SBL’s history, it is a case of “when” and not “if” we reach the next big number in our record books.

With a slight torrential rain forecasted, the two guys were only able to hunt the one morning but were able to post 2 white dots on the chart, setting things up for a perfectly mid-September run at 4,000.

I will be home on September 16th to hunt with Dad, Bubba, Fake Dr. LePage and John & Matt Donald. If you’re near your phones on that weekend, feel free to give us a call or a FaceTime to be part of the Chase to Number 4,000. The count down has begun, only 8 more sleeps!

2 Honkers, 3 Mallards

2 Honkers, 3 Mallards

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