Format Of Sale Agreement Of Plot

3. The sellers will issue a marketable property of this land, free from any charge, costs and any right to the satisfaction of the buyer`s lawyer. Sellers will receive, at their own expense, all overdue discounts and will eliminate all defects, charges and claims on or on the property. 5. Sellers shall declare and confirm that the land in question is not subject to a contract of sale or lease in favour of a person and that no interest has been created in the abovementioned land in favour of a person. The buyer can start construction on the mentioned land as soon as the sale is completed. (4) The second party has the right to execute and register the deed of sale of the property for the benefit of persons against whom the first party does not object. However, all costs of the deed of sale are the responsibility of the buyer. 2. If _________ Second Party does not pay the balance as decided, the advance shall not be paid and if, for any reason, the First Party does not execute the instrument of sale in favour of the buyer or on behalf of its agents within the time limit fixed, the Seller shall be obliged to pay twice the amount indicated in advance. 2. Sellers declare that the land ownership is the property and that the user of the land mentioned is located for the construction of the buildings, including residential buildings.

The land in question is not subject to any taxation, tax or tax, with the exception of taxation on ………. Local authorities and property tax to be paid to the government of ……….. as in point 3. If the first party fails to execute and register the deed of sale for the benefit of the second party or its nomin, the first party shall also be held, at sole risk, on the date fixed above, from the date of receipt of the residual underperformance in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, which shall be expressly applied by judicial means, the costs and expenses of the first supplier and the first party: the second part, lump sum damages. 1. The first party received _______ by cash / cheque / D.D. no _____ dt______, since a serious amount / withholding tax and the balance of _______ are paid by the buyer on or before______ at the time of execution of the deed of sale before the sub-registrar, ________ 6. That the first seller has assured the second buyer that the property that would be sold to the second party under this agreement was free from all kinds of charges, mortgage, donation, sale, pledge, pledge, seizure, seizure, pledge, pledge, prior rental contract(s), court judgment(s), purchase(s) of accessories etc. . .

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