Agreement Company Represented By

As a general rule, a complementary company may be represented by all its partners in matters related to the activity of the partnership. However, it is possible to make an entry in the commercial register that removes the right of a particular partner to represent the partnership or requires two or more partners to act together in the representation of the partnership. Registration in the commercial register is subject to an agreement between the shareholders. Only the restrictions entered in the commercial register apply in respect of third parties who were unaware of the limitation. A managing director of the complementary company may represent the partnership in actions under routine administration. In the event that the manager is also a partner, he has the same power as the partners, which is greater than the authority of the manager. 4.4 The members of the Bureau may be represented by a representative if the member of the Board of Directors is unable to attend a meeting of the Bureau. The power of order must be in writing and may not be issued for more than one meeting. A company that wants a representative to be able to seek tendering opportunities in another country can use this representation agreement. The representative is probably a company in this country with good contacts in the sector in which the foreign company wishes to enter. 1.4 The parties undertake not to conclude contracts or to enter into commitments of any kind likely to prevent compliance with the provisions of this shareholders` agreement. 17.2 The content of this shareholders` agreement may not be modified without mutual agreement between the parties.

The parties will discuss annually, within the framework of the general meeting of the company, the question of whether to revise the shareholders` agreement. 8.3 The transfer of shares also includes the transfer of shares to holding companies. The transfer of shares in holding companies must therefore, as far as possible, follow the provisions of the shareholders` agreement. The transfer of shares in a holding company to a company of which one party is solely owned or to a party in person is not subject to this provision, provided that that company or party adheres to the shareholders` agreement. Who can use this representation agreement? A manufacturer or company that wishes to subcontract the marketing of its products in an overseas country to a sales representative or representative established in the country. . . .

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