What Does Deleted Credit Agreement Mean

Is there a standard date for the Experian credit dataset? Was it shown with a D every month? Thank you for all the very informative information you provide on your site. This is my financial consulting site. I was just wondering if the collection agencies have the power to eliminate defaults, if you can convince them that the loan was granted as an irresponsible loan? The reason I apply is that I had several payday loans, credit card and a list of default memory cards for my credit file. I have settled most of the accounts and I am in the process of entering into settlement agreements with the rest for a reduced rate. For example, I have a very categorical debt that is dealt with by Lowell. Do I really have to ask to remove the defects, or could Lowell do it? I hope to be able to present a case to the companies before consulting the mediators. Most of the debt dates back to 2016/2017. So if you`re in arrers every month, they put payment errors on the credit file until The Arrers are erased? Even if you pay Monthley, I never knew. Hello Sara – I paid an unusual debt to Hoist (ex-Aqua) in July 2018. Since then, I have discovered that Hoist has continued to report these deflies (but with a zero balance) since, including the current month.

Thus, although the debts have been paid in full (and without problems), they always manifest themselves every month in Experian. However, since the 2018 billing date, there have been no transunion reports. I understand that a default is in place for 6 years, but once fully repaid, shouldn`t there certainly be other reports on the date that keeps it alive? Every time they report that the 6-year period starts again, although the debts are repaid for both parties, and I think I will never have a clear credit balance sheet. I contacted them to correct that — they do not know the first and second questions. I recorded a complaint and it is now in week 4 unanswered and it`s on and about the first 3 weeks of original requests. The competent department does not receive calls from customers, and I go around the circle. I intend to complain to FO after the 8 weeks legal and the gruelling appeal procedure of Hoist. Is there something I miss or are there steps I can take? Any advice you can offer would be great, thank you. Keep in mind that the later your payments arrive, the less they likely have an impact on your creditworthiness over time.

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