Subsidized Housing Lease Agreement

For more information on the demand for public housing, please visit the HUD website. The section 8 lease must also include a rent supplement that HUD needs. If the language of the landlord`s lease is contrary to a language in the rent supplement, the rent surcharge is required. The rent supplement should contain the following information: Remember that you are entitled to your affordable housing allowance. Your landlord or housing authority cannot withdraw your HUD voucher or public housing without “good reason” according to Section 8. To see the definitions of “good thing,” click here. A judge must be satisfied that there are “good reasons” before he can be deported. Each year, your landlord (in the case of HUD housing) or the Housing Authority (in the case of public housing and section 8 housing) must contact you to ensure that the number of people living in your household and your family income do not change. This is called “recertification.” Your landlord may perform an earlier recertification if your landlord feels your income or household size has changed. Before recertification, your landlord will send you a letter. If you do not respond to the letter, you will receive a second letter.

If you still do not answer, there are serious consequences: if you live in HUD apartments, your landlord will increase your rent at the full market rate and the bulk of your rent will not be covered by the government, so you are solely responsible. If you reside in Section 8 Housing, the Housing Authority will terminate your Section 8 coupon (you have the right to challenge any attempt by the housing authority to terminate your voucher). If you live in public housing, the housing authority will terminate your rental and evacuation procedure (you are entitled to an informal and formal claim to challenge the housing authority`s decision to terminate your lease and initiate eviction proceedings). Sometimes a landlord may stop making available the type of subsidized housing described here. If your landlord wishes to do so, they should send you a letter saying goodbye. There are things you can do to combat your landlord`s decision to end this type of subsidized housing, stay where you are, or make sure you can find other affordable housing. If you learn that your landlord intends to terminate a grant, contact the Legal Aid Bureau as soon as possible. Call the appropriate office for housing inspections for a housing inspector to check the premises for possible violations of the housing code. Section 8 tenants should call their specialist advisor or the Section 8 inspection office for housing claims. A tenant based on a Section 8 project should call Hud`s office if repairs to the property are not done by the tenant`s residential construction.

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