Stubhub Agreement

StubHub makes its online ticketing process more transparent. The ticket exchange and resale company recently announced an agreement with the Canadian Competition Bureau to make it clearer to Canadian users about and mobile applications, as well as in advertising emails, to determine when display prices are included, including mandatory fees. What is your new directive on events planned or postponed? If you bought your tickets on StubHub, you can book your tickets for free. The Better Business Bureau rates StubHub with an “A,” but also offers several negative reviews from online customers. Among the most frequent complaints are imprecise seating, tickets that were denied access to events, and purchases that were “processed” for months but ultimately failed. Other experts report poor customer service and problems with brokerage ticket deliveries. View of the company logo and the office entrance of the online ticket exchange company StubHub on its … [+] Location at 40 East Balbo Drive in Chicago, Illinois, January 2019. The company is owned by Ebay.

(Photo: Interim Archives/Getty Images) Online ticket processing via StubHub now indicates the total purchase price, including all mandatory ticket fees, as standard from the beginning of the online shopping process. The company is also launching a compliance program to support new compliance procedures and protect its reputation. According to the information, the actual price of the tickets could only be displayed if a customer decided to use an optional filter that would illuminate prices, including fees that were otherwise kept secret until the final phase of a transaction. Even using the filter, the Bureau states that, in some cases, prices were still unclear in relation to the final payment required. Paul Nowosad, Managing Director of StubHub Canada, said in a statement: “As the world`s most trusted marketplace, StubHub always puts the fan first. With a long history of platform innovation, we improve the fan experience from the beginning. I am a professional and award-winning journalist with over 15 years of experience writing and editing art and entertainment content for leading media companies in all areas that we now pay seller n5 to 8 business days after an event. This protects you from charges if the event is cancelled and we have to refund your payment. StubHub requires sellers to list tickets in the same amount they originally purchased. This ensures that supporters can participate in events, while maintaining the social distancing policies recommended by the CDC. During the Situation of CoVID 19, you are happy to ask questions about events, event security procedures and team security procedures, cancellations and postponements.

Please read the following information: We advise you to explore the team`s website or event location by following the most accurate information. CHICAGO, IL – JULY 23: Tickets will be available on July 23, 2014 in Chicago, … [+] Illinois. Cyber thieves recently hacked about 1,000 StubHub customer accounts and fraudulently purchased tickets to events. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Keep your current tickets if they are valid for the new event date How do you know if my event has been tampered with or view the status of the event? Can I list tickets for an event if I can no longer walk? Discover the following situations for our policies: each team, each artist, each production and every venue explores the possibilities for fans to safely return to live events. We work with industry partners and have been encouraged by success with the MLB World Series, NFL, college football and other events.

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