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Email us to for an offer! See also: Payments should be made through the General Interbank Meeting Order (GIRO). The work permit is terminated if you do not manage a valid GIRO account. Download the GIRO application form. Security agreement between FDW and its employer: for FDWs operating from 1 December 2012, AAS is required to facilitate the signing of a safety agreement between employers and the FDW, i.e. when new working relationships are established, either for first or transfer FDWs. The circumstances under which employers can apply for a tax exemption have changed. For more information, check out the faqs. The EA is not required to facilitate the security agreement for extensions: In other words, if you are considering renting an FDW work permit for foreign domestic workers, please consult the following information, policies and requirements in order to create and maintain a positive working relationship: if you have found the service of your agency unsatisfactory or if you have a contractual dispute with your employment agency, you can benefit from the employment services of one of the two accreditation bodies in Singapore, the Association of Employment Agencies and Boxes. Fill out the form below and send it to MOM: You must use this form to provide the potential employer with the full biological data from the FDW: Remember that your maid must also have a review of the contract, which should only be concluded and signed after mutual agreement. Insert as much relevant information as possible and make sure your maid understands the conditions before signing. Other things you should include in the contract are work schedules (many domestic workers end up working excessively because they live in their workplace), living rules and leave. As there is no standard contract in Singapore, you can develop one yourself. They can use standard contracts as defined by the Singapore Agencies Association (AEAS) and CaseTrust.

These can be adapted to your situation. Employers should, however, keep in mind that the contract is related to the conditions of the work permit. For example, you can`t include tasks that aren`t allowed. B for example in the working conditions of your assistant. B the care of other households. You can also ask your employment agency to write the contract for you. HelperChoice works with ethical employment agencies, so employers are not subject to inappropriate fees. Many employment contracts as well as standard service agreements between employers and agencies are subject to termination clauses that determine the number of days subject to the redundancy obligation if the party terminating the contract in the notification letter has a deadline.

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