Poloniex User Agreement

4.7. The Company makes available the software paid for by the user acquired after payment. By registering for a Poloniex US (“Account”) account or using any of the services, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms of this Agreement as well as the Poloniex US, Poloniex US Cookies Policy and Poloniex US E-Sign Consent Directive, and you recognize and accept that you are bound by these agreements and guidelines. Each arbitration procedure is conducted by a single neutral arbitrator and takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The arbitrator may grant any discharge that a competent court could grant, including legal fees, if the law allows. The arbitration decision can be enforced before a competent court. They accept that this agreement proves an intergovernmental trade transaction and, therefore, the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) applies to that agreement, including the conciliation agreement in this section 29. We agree that it is the FAA, not state law, that decides whether a dispute is subject to arbitration. The number of digital asset markets continues to grow, which is really a clear sign of the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency trade. The fame of Bitcoin, with its usd price converted over $4,000, is spreading around the world, attracting more and more people to participate in the trade.

While international financial controllers are constantly working to create the regulatory principles for this new type of market, ordinary users and large corporations are already spending a lot of money to invest in this new and growing financial sphere. 1.2. The recommendation partner assumes the rights and obligations outlined below. The partner of the recommendation undertakes to acquire users of the company acting on its behalf. All other payments are only possible if the company and the recommendation partner have agreed to it in an amendment agreement. (4) Poloniex, LLC complies with all of the above agreements, provisions and obligations. We chose Poloniex at the request of some dealers in the PTMC community. Currently, this is the only crypto-exchange connected, but more could be added very quickly if it will be a user request. By accessing or using the Poloniex website and API that are located on poloniex.com or wss://api.poloniex.com (the “site”) or the Poloniex app (the App) and all services or application made available via the website, or the application and related sites such as support.poloniex.com (together “Services”), you declare (“Users” and are related to these terms of use with other users).

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