Move In Agreement Checklist

A moving checklist is an important document that helps you stay organized, whether you`re moving to a new home, apartment or apartment. The reality of the movement is that there is a lot of work, and is often left until the last minute to discover important details, which leads to lost or broken property, clashes with movements and a hectic moving or moving day. You should go to the rental agreement with the tenant section by section so that they fully understand what they agree. Once you have reached the full agreement with the tenant and answered all the questions, you and the tenant should sign and date the lease. Section 8 tenants are still responsible for paying their own deposit. You should withdraw this deposit before the tenant arrives. Delivery of the deposit to Vuokraturva: Deliver a receipt to Vuokraturva that proves that you paid the deposit before recovering the keys. If you pick up the keys at a Vuokraturva office, you can bring the receipt. Please note that we cannot pass a key without a receipt. An accepted receipt is z.B. an expression of a confirmed online payment or the bank`s initial pledge, depending on how the deposit is paid in your rental agreement.

You can check how the deposit is paid from your “Guarantees” rental agreement. If the method of payment of the deposit is an accompanying account opened with a bank, please note that we cannot accept pledge rights containing incorrect or missing information. Before you leave the bank, make sure the information is correct. Vuokraturva can give you written instructions on opening a security account that also contains a checklist, to ensure that the information about the bank`s instructions is correct. provides all the tools you need for a successful moving day. With a customizable mobile checklist, personal to-do list, email reminders and coupons, you can stay organized while you move! Our moving planner starts before you move and offers helpful recommendations until after the move. You can organize all the tasks per week for a complete and successful move. Before you move, take a look at the plan of your new home to decide what will happen on the day of the move and where.

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