Service Level Agreement Vorteile Nachteile

Are you considering introducing management services into your business? Now download the ahd “3 steps to service-oriented IT” guide. If you compare the representations of Figure 4 (AIX-IT business relations today) and Figure 7 (service-oriented company), you realize that AIX-IT is already service-oriented. The coordination of basic services requires a significant coordination and resource effort, which must be analysed using the call centre example. Service level management tasks are within the competence of the IT service provider. However, as with all service-oriented services, the customer has a considerable need for participation. In the area of service level management, the following tasks are the responsibility of the customer: the catalogue of services serves as an information base for coordinating the needs of clients. It is therefore an important communication and marketing tool. When compiling a catalogue of services, it should be kept in mind that the full traceability of service level agreements is not ensured without appropriate indicators (KPIs). It is therefore necessary to find appropriate indicators to quantify and measure service. For this, the following requirements must be met: It is considered negative that implementing service level management processes costs time and money.

However, these expenses can be considered investments that will be depreciated at a later date. The introduction of service level management is therefore an investment project. Measurement methods and their billing must be clearly defined. Examples include the clear definition of indicators and the date of the survey (Husler, 2012, p. 64-66). In principle, different levels of service should be defined (Bundi-Trachsel, 2010, p. 5). For performance measurement, the following indicators can be used as an example (H-usler, 2012, p. 64): AIX-IT developed SELL-IT software, a CRM (CRM) solution in the 1980s. Features of the software include collecting customer data such as name, address, phone numbers and other information such as payment terms.

In addition, item and product data were collected. On the basis of this basic data, SELL-IT offers were created and tracked, delivery vouchers generated and finally invoices. The software was installed on individual computers. The SELL-IT product was then a standard product. For AIX-IT, revenues were almost exclusively derived from royalties. The software was created with permanent developers in their own home. Once a year, customers received a version of SELL-IT. Another potential drawback: manageable services seem expensive at first glance. Small businesses, in particular, discourage a monthly flat rate. They believe they can keep costs low by giving up managed services. Risk minimisation is essentially done by the following two functions of The Level Management Service In addition to certain policy indications such as contracting parties, the general objective, duration and termination arrangements, typical service level agreements in the IT environment include the following: information, particularly information that has been assessed in an appropriate form, for example, by reporting or management information systems. , have become a decisive competitive factor.

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