Google Forms Data Processing Agreement

Redundancy. Infrastructure systems have been designed to eliminate individual error points and minimize the impact of expected environmental risks. Two necessary circuits, switches, networks or other devices help ensure this redundancy. The services are designed to allow Google to perform certain types of preventative and corrective maintenance without interruption. All environmental equipment and facilities have documented preventative maintenance procedures that describe the process and frequency of performance in accordance with internal specifications or the manufacturer. Preventive and correct maintenance of the computational centre equipment is provided for by a standard modification process according to documented procedures. These treatment and safety conditions, including their annexes (the “conditions”), are effective and replace all treatment and safety conditions previously applicable from the date of validity of the conditions (as defined below). These conditions complete the agreement. Internal data access processes and policies – Access Directive. Google`s internal data access processes and policies are designed to prevent unauthorized individuals and/or systems from accessing systems used to process personal data.

Google designs its systems so that (i) only authorized people can access the data they can access; and (ii) to ensure that personal data cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted without permission during processing, use and registration. The systems are designed to detect inappropriate access. Google uses a centralized access management system to control staff access to production servers and has access to only a limited number of authorized employees. Google`s authentication and authorization systems use SSH certificates and security keys and are designed to provide Google with safe and flexible access mechanisms. These mechanisms are designed to grant only authorized access rights for siteshosts, protocols, data and configuration information. Google requires the use of unique user identifiers, secure passwords, two-factor authentication and carefully monitored access lists to minimize the potential for unauthorized use of the account. The issuance or modification of access rights is based on: the tasks of the authorized staff; The requirements for the task required to perform authorized tasks; and a need to know the basics.

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